Height: 23"
Principal Components: Licorice lozenges tin, cream pitcher, funnel, penlight, test tube clamps, clock parts, hose fittings, tartlet tins, doll head, light bulb, vacuum tube, toys, doll hand, typewriter key, Scrabble tile

"Cogito" has a surprise--lift back his hinged funnel hat to reveal a penlight which, when turned, lights up the interior. It is easily removable and the batteries can be replaced.

All Fobots are one-of-a-kind--this is the actual bot you will receive upon ordering.

All the art fairs I do are strictly juried, & the artists apply by submitting images of their best work. This is one of the bots whose image I use--so if you see us at an art fair in 2018, thank "Cogito".